Gilmour Claims Geographe Bay Cup

The Western Australian skipper David Gilmour is a happy and a proud man. He has won the WMRT Geographe Bay Cup. He had a very stiff race on the last day of the racing event and had to wade through some tough challenge from other competitors and the unpredictable conditions to win the Geographe Bay Cup. The local skipper Matt Jerwood finished the race in the second spot and this means that both these teams will be taking part in the Match Cup Sweden in Marstrand.

Gilmour said that he was happy with his overall performance as there were strong winds for the most part of the race. The last day’s weather conditions were a bit risky and difficult to handle. To have come up on the tops despite harsh weather and stiff competition gives him extra satisfaction. Even though he and his team had only one race on the last day against Mans Holmberg, he was happy to have come back from a poor start to win the race, and leave himself in a position to win the first prize of a week’s Yacht Charter in Split.

The race on the final day started with a light breeze of less than 10 knots and this breeze too faded away after the first two hours. This made the job of the racing committee and the sailors very difficult. The committee had to adjust the course accordingly to complete the round robin and end up with a race result.

Even though there were light winds, the race saw its share of drama and excitement. Olivia Price, the Olympic silver medalist along with Evan Walker fell overboard during a jibe. It was her strong swimming skills and great work done by her crew members that helped her back on the board. She was able to not lose her lead despite the fall.

The results of the WMRT Geograaphe Bay Cup are David Gilmour 1st with 8 points, Matt Jerwood 2nd with 7 points and Torvar Mirsky 3rd with 7 points.

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