Windsurfing Picks Up Slow

Windsurfing is a distinct category of sailing that not many sailors are aware of. The rig and how it influences steering or sail pressure and how to react to it as well as body movement effects are some of the important learning’s of this kind of sailing. With such lessons well learnt you will be able to maneuver any kind of boat.

There is emphasis on learning windsurfing when it comes to schools which teach sailing in the US. In many cases the art of windsurfing has been lost, but there are certain pockets or areas where the wind conditions are ideal for such an art to be cultivated. Indeed, it is a vision that helps one to appreciate wind directions and strength or movement which goes beyond the traditional sailing techniques.

It is said that by that, when one has to climb a mountain they need to start from the base. However, wind surfing is a class of sailing that is yet to gain recognition or be a part of medal race as they were in the Olympics. Canada, for instance, lacks wind surfing representation of the country. Mexico on the other hand, has limited participation in this category for both men and women. USA is known to have wind surfing in certain areas.

If you look at the wind surfing events that have taken place in the world championships, this year the Techno 293 event had about 474 sailors who participated for a total of 33 nations. The participants were mostly from North America, US and Mexico. With a glimpse of the sport having shown up in the Rio Olympics this year, it is hoped that it would move to the Medal race category. This will certainly lead to more emphasis given to this method of sailing and development of vessels ideal for the same.

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