RYA to Host Sailing Race Rules Webinars


The Royal Yachting Association has decided to host a series of webinars for racing sailors and aspiring officials who want to associate themselves with various races for introducing them and explain the sailing race rules. The sailors and officials will be able to access the webinars for free. The series will be held over six weeks. Anyone ranging from an expert in race rules, a squad sailor, or someone who wants to know about the sailing race rules can access the webinars that will guide them through all the rules that will be beneficial for them on the racecourse.

The sailing race sessions will be delivered by the top names heard in the world of sailing race rules including Jon Napier, World Sailing Rules Consultant and Governance, Mark Rushall, strategist and team coach of Britain National Sailing team, and Chris Lindsay, video umpire for Tokyo 2020, Matt Goodbourn, top national umpire of UK, Chris Atkins, former World Sailing Vice President and international sailing umpire, and Mark Rushall, sailing coach for the Olympics. The screening for the webinars will start from 29th April. They will help the sailors and officials to understand the right way of sailing race rules, how to deal with giving marks, obstructions, and a lot of other aspects.
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World Sailing Asking Championships Youth Sailing World 2021 And 2022

World Sailing the top authority of sailing is asking for bid from National Authorities members and cities who are hosting 2021 and 2022 event editions (YSWC) Youth Sailing World Championships.

This is the championships that held at the world level and only the top youth sailors of the world take part in it. This competition is extremely tough; the reason for the same is competitors in this championship are selected by their MNA. MNA selects participants from numerous sailors who fulfils all eligibilities of sailors in their nation. The Championship Bid outlines the bidding specification requirement. The bidding will help bidders to understand completely what this Championship all about is. A presentation of YSWC shared by the World Sailing is present on its website.
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US Junior Sailing Championships

Chubb US Junior Sailing Championships are on for 2018 and there are 93 youth sailors ready to compete in this event that would be held on Lake Erie. It is one of the oldest sailing championship events that are organized by US Sailing every year; this particular championship features three racing days, which culminates into a winner who takes the Sears Cup, a historic trophy along with Smythe trophy and Bemis trophy. This year the event is on from August 8th to 10th in Michigan, La Salle.

This championship was first sailed by sailors in 1921 who are chosen regionally and from one of the three participating fleets in the championship. The sailors who compete in this range are between the ages of 13 to 18. Every area that is eligible sends across a sailor or a team who compete in the fleets. The Smythe trophy is given for the US Junior Singlehanded Championship, which is sailed in Laser Radial category; Bemis trophy is for the double handed championship for club 420 while the triple handed championship is for Sears Cup in Lightning category.
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Monohulls are returning to the game after the flirt with multihulls for long. The World Match Racing Tour, which was launched at the start of the new millennium, was the launch pad for America’s Cup. However, due to lack of financial support and scheduling concerns, the tour has been having issues.

A Swedish coy Aston Harald AB took over the tour after America’s Cup went multihull. Aston wanted to use the tour as a means to market their ne-design M32 catamarans so they made the switch in all the events to multihulls.


Ainslie’s Name On Six Space Age Foiling Catamaran

Sir Ben Ainslie of the Land Rover BAR team is the only American Cup skipper to have his name put on one of the six space age foiling catamarans that will be seen flying around the great sound of Bermuda in June.

The BAR stands for Ben Ainslie Racing. There is no doubt about his sailing skills and his greatness. This is a great gesture from the Land Rover team for the efforts put in by Ainslie to bring home the oldest trophy in sailing and international sport. This British Olympian is happy to have his name emblazoned on one of the foiling catamarans.

Ainslie had the dream of holding the America’s Cup in his hand while he was learning the sailing tactics as a child. He was able to accomplish his dream in 2013 when he lifted the Auld Mug in his hand in San Francisco. He was the key member of the Oracle Team USA then. Continue reading “Ainslie’s Name On Six Space Age Foiling Catamaran”

Gilmour Claims Geographe Bay Cup

The Western Australian skipper David Gilmour is a happy and a proud man. He has won the WMRT Geographe Bay Cup. He had a very stiff race on the last day of the racing event and had to wade through some tough challenge from other competitors and the unpredictable conditions to win the Geographe Bay Cup. The local skipper Matt Jerwood finished the race in the second spot and this means that both these teams will be taking part in the Match Cup Sweden in Marstrand.

Gilmour said that he was happy with his overall performance as there were strong winds for the most part of the race. The last day’s weather conditions were a bit risky and difficult to handle. To have come up on the tops despite harsh weather and stiff competition gives him extra satisfaction. Even though he and his team had only one race on the last day against Mans Holmberg, he was happy to have come back from a poor start to win the race, and leave himself in a position to win the first prize of a week’s Yacht Charter in Split. Continue reading “Gilmour Claims Geographe Bay Cup”

Dingo & Jaguar Did Great In GSW

At the Grenada Sailing Week 2017, the TOBAGO and TRINIDAD, a Jaguar and yachts Dingo topped their respective classes.

Dingo, is an 11-meter Ker (modified), it competed in ten races and won four, in remaining races it had a second finish in one race, third finish in three races, finished fourth in one race, and finished in sixth position in one race, sixth was the worst finish of Dingo in the race. The Dingo secured total 19 points. And it became the clear winner with big margin. The runner-up Whistler had (27.5 pts) and TAZ had (32.5 pts). Continue reading “Dingo & Jaguar Did Great In GSW”

Windsurfing Picks Up Slow

Windsurfing is a distinct category of sailing that not many sailors are aware of. The rig and how it influences steering or sail pressure and how to react to it as well as body movement effects are some of the important learning’s of this kind of sailing. With such lessons well learnt you will be able to maneuver any kind of boat.

There is emphasis on learning windsurfing when it comes to schools which teach sailing in the US. In many cases the art of windsurfing has been lost, but there are certain pockets or areas where the wind conditions are ideal for such an art to be cultivated. Indeed, it is a vision that helps one to appreciate wind directions and strength or movement which goes beyond the traditional sailing techniques. Continue reading “Windsurfing Picks Up Slow”

Cinderella IV for sale

Alongside with Fraser and Y.CO now there is another astonishing yacht that is for sale is Cinderella IV.

The 39 Meters long one of the fastest sailing yacht changed the mind of central agencies that are responsible for sale of the yacht. And now the Cinderella IV is jointly listed for sale, others yacht in sale Cinderella are Y.CO and Fraser Yachts.

Cinderella IV is the creation super yacht Vitters from Dutch Bill Tripp. After meticulously designed by duo this yacht was delivered in 2009 for sailing performance. Though, this yacht is best for carter but it was designed exclusively for sailing performance. It is also capable of giving good turn speed when sailed in open water. Performance in sailing was heart of designing for this yacht, yet the cruising sloop provided is good for carter too. In all, it is a dynamic yacht with lifting keel, traditional approach toward weight control, amazing light interior. Continue reading “Cinderella IV for sale”